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The medical chiller owner’s survival guide

...Or, how not to lose your cool

With the latest cutting-edge capabilities, MR enters new diagnostic frontiers

Checking in with one of the best tools for imaging soft tissue

MR coils: the pursuit of a better signal-to-noise ratio

Researchers develop a high-⁠temperature superconducting coil

Health care’s reliance on helium deflates amid price increase

Some say they're paying 30 percent more per liter now than five years ago

How to take the best care of your MR coils

Why do coils break and what can you do to extend their life?

Faster technology, stricter regulations are taking CT to the next level

A run down on the trends and breakthroughs shaping CT

Opening a proton therapy center

Most new proton therapy centers must overcome daunting challenges to succeed

Radiation oncology: MR and CT taking on bigger roles

An in-depth look at evolving treatments and the imaging behind them

A moving target: changes coming to the X-ray tube market

Are lower prices on their way for replacement tubes?

An in-depth look at the FDA’s refurb docket

The pursuit of service oversight standards that won't limit hospital options

Changes come faster than ever for imaging professionals

Staff used to working normal schedules must now cut hours

From breast exams to childbirth, ultrasound is gaining momentum

More than two dozen states now have dense breast notification laws

Bone Densitometry – A fractured system

Why detecting and preventing bone loss needs additional reimbursement

Patients have more choices than ever for breast imaging

Considering alternative techniques in addition to mammography

Will breast tomosynthesis completely replace 2-D mammo?

Questions to consider regarding the future of breast cancer screening

Molecular imaging market expands amid challenges

PET and SPECT: the good, the bad and the future

Imaging Informatics – The only constant is change in the PACS marketplace

It is more like a metamorphosis than a radical transformation

Data management – Top 10 apps set to change health care

Welcome apps in an industry historically reluctant to embrace change

Building and designing the infusion device of the future

A look at where these devices have been and the direction they're moving in

CMS regulations, IT integration, competition impacting HTMs

The tall task faced by clinical engineers

Viewpoints - Clinical engineers speak out on training, new equipment, OEMs

Staying afloat as lines blur between IT and medical equipment

Focused Ultrasound – A technology that has reached the tipping point

Checking in with the rapid growth of one of health care's most exciting new technologies

Special Procedures: What's New?

From the March issue of HCB News magazine

Cardiology: Special Report

A spotlight on innovations taking place in cardiology

Cybersecurity: effective strategies must protect medical devices

From the Jan/Feb issue of HCB News magazine

EHRs: is it easier to pay the penalty than meet the requirements?

From the Jan/Feb issue of HCB News magazine

Where do vendors believe PACS is heading?

From the Jan/Feb issue of HCB News magazine

RTLS/RFID points to life-saving potential that may surprise

From the Jan/Feb issue of HCB News magazine

Best of the Year 2015

The health care professionals honored in their respective fields

How to make renting a crane an uplifting experience

10 tips on making light work of heavy lifting

Charity – Communities making a difference for local hospitals

The Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk and BRA Day Pittsburgh

Will the 'Save Rural Hospitals Act' save rural hospitals?

From the December issue of HCB News magazine

Provider Radiation Safety – Two views

Dr. Lori M. Weir and Dr. John Racadio on the topic of radiation safety for radiologists

Ultrasound Technology: Q&A with Dr. James Trotter

Advances in ultrasound have helped diagnose liver disease and related illnesses

Q&A with Joel Yuhas, President and CEO of Dignity Health St. Mary Medical Center

The challenges of today and the forecast for tomorrow

There is more to proton shielding than meets the eye

Comparing the challenges of proton shielding with that of linear accelerators

MR shielding: don’t cut corners

Find out why it does not pay to cut corners with your MR environment

The rules of attraction: safety in the MR environment

From the September issue of HCB News magazine

Disaster Preparedness - What we learned from Sandy and Katrina

What we can learn from natural disasters.

Feature: Imaging center managers deal with an array of change

How imaging center management is changing and how to deal with it

Feature: Tomosynthesis: A new gold standard?

Find out if tomosynthesis will become the new standard of mamography screening

Radiopharmaceuticals: Should reimbursement rule treatment options?

The case for radiopharmaceuticals - what if all treatment options were determined by reimbursement?

Technetium-99m: Necessity is the mother of invention

The burgeoning rise of the hardest working isotope right now

Diagnostic Directions Digital health: Consumers, outcomes lead the way

How the consumer is taking a more aggressive approach to their health outcomes

Patient Monitors: sleek, new wearables are attracting attention but traditional monitors remain standard

How traditional is still the way to go in the new wave of patient monitors