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Heart Disease

VoCare develops Vitals360
Can assess six vitals in chronic disease management
FDA greenlights AI software for stroke warning in CT analysis
Enables specialists to intervene before notified by a radiologist
TechGate Auto by Aegys
TechGate Auto is an advanced warning system for controlling access to the MRI room
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Gadolinium could light way to stroke assessment through the eyes
Could eye evaluations replace brain imaging for stroke assessment?
Donald Trump had a CT scan, here's what we learned
President deemed healthy, despite presence of heart disease
Hitachi and Partners Connected Health assess readmission for heart failure with AI
Assesses risk of readmission within the first 30 days following release
Researchers develop AI system to better detect risk of cancer in high-risk lesions
Could reduce false positives and unnecessary surgeries
Abbott launches HeartMate 3 for advanced heart failure patients
Designed for short-term care and hemocompatability purposes
New advanced ECG tool for cardiac disease now available in Europe
New ECG tool more sensitive in detecting cardiac dysfunction using continuous wavelet transform
Handheld scanner for diagnosing heart disease under development in EU
Could drastically reduce the cost for standard approaches
Continuity of care is more important than speed in the case of chronic heart failure
New research shows improved outcomes for patients returned to same hospital
Study finds only 17 U.S. states require AEDs in schools
Almost 35 million public school students lack access
Coffee shops and ATMs may be ideal locations for AED deployment
Like most public events, cardiac arrest often happens near a bank or a café
Global SPECT market to hit $1.5 billion by 2021
Cardiology scans represent largest segment of the market