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Don't Buy This Stolen Equipment

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | May 17, 2006
This is a representative
picture of some
of the stolen
endoscopy equipment
DOTmed has been working with the BBC in its breaking news investigation of medical equipment stolen from U.K. hospitals. You can help, too, by helping to find the whereabouts of the stolen equipment.

Some of the hospitals are reluctant to publicize, or do not have, the serial numbers of all this equipment. But here's what we've gotten so far from the BBC.

Property missing from York District Hospital:
- Evis Videoscope Processor Olympus CV-240 no serial number given
- Light Source Olympus CLV-U40 no serial number given
- Colonoscope Olympus CF240L serial number 2800189
- Colonoscope Olympus CF240L serial number 2000053
- Colonoscope CF240L serial number 2030327
- Paediatric Colonoscope PCF240L serial number 2200076
- Gastroscope GIFXQ240 serial number 2812376
- Gastroscope GIFXQ240 serial number 2033596
- Gastroscope GIFXQ240 serial number 2135053

In addition, ths machine went missing from West Middlesex Hospital in February of '05:
- Kemead 3500 - model number MO2935, serial number 102935. Reportedly it might have turned up in Romania.

If you have knowledge of any of this equipment, or are aware of any attempts to resell equipment that seem suspicious, please contact DOTmed so that we can forward to BBC. They, and DOTmed, will protect your confidentiality if you wish to remain anonymous.

We encourage you to "Help catch the crooks" by using this link to provide information. Keeping the used medical equipment business clean is in the best interests of all of us. We need to police our own industry for our own good.

Also, always safeguard your own transactions! Make sure sellers can produce the title to the used equipment or an original invoice to document ownership.

The investigation and the story are ongoing; watch DOTmed News for updates.