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Users Expose 'Suspicious' Identity

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | July 11, 2006
A user named Ted Jeanfreau was Blacklisted by DOTmed at the beginning of this year because several credible complaints were lodged against him.

(Editor's Note: Ted Jeanfreau is a different person than Lucian Jeanfreau. Lucian is a member of the 'DOTmed 100' and has an excellent reputation in the market for honesty and integrity.)

It was alleged that Ted would take deposits from buyers -- or worse, the full sale price -- and never deliver the equipment. It was also alleged he would not return calls, emails, or money.
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Subsequently, Ted Jeanfreau sought to have his Blacklist status lifted, but was turned down.

Practically the very next day a person named "Christy Camp" registered on DOTmed. But with almost 70,000 registered users, we did not take particular notice of her registration.

Then not long ago, a user emailed us about a problem he was having with a "Christy Camp," and he alerted us that her business phone number and Ted Jeanfreau's were identical. That's when we got interested.

When we dug deeper, we noticed in our own database that the street name and number, city and state Ted had used in his registration were exactly the same that Christy Camp used.

On other information we have heard, we believe, but cannot state for certain, that "Christy Camp" is actually Ted Jeanfreau's wife, Jeanne -- whose maiden name was Jeanne Camp. One compelling piece of information we have is that a check sent from "Christy Camp" to a hospital to pay for a C-arm on behalf of a customer was signed by "Jeanne Jeanfreau" -- not Christy Camp.

We'd like to hear from anyone who can confirm or deny any of the allegations.

More importantly, the message here is that we need you to point out suspicious, questionable, or dishonest behavior.

It was through users' forum posts and emails that DOTmed got wind of this situation.

Unscrupulous people sometimes try to sneak back onto DOTmed under an assumed name - almost none make it successfully, or for very long. If you suspect someone is using a fake name, let us know and we will check it out.

We want to see only worry-free transactions here on DOTmed. That's why we encourage you to rate users on DOTmed positively if you've successfully done business with them.

Good ratings are the best way to identify good and honest businesspeople. And happily, there are thousands of good, solid companies to do business with here on DOTmed.