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A fond farewell

by Loren Bonner, DOTmed News Online Editor | July 01, 2014
From the July 2014 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

By the time this magazine issue is in your hands, I will have completed my last day at DOTmed. As it goes, I'm moving on. It's been such a pleasure corresponding with many of you over the years - hearing your stories and sometimes being fortunate enough to see you face-to-face at conferences and industry events.

Speaking of, the last trade show I attended happened to be a show I have never been to before: AAMI. The conference took place this year in Philadelphia and I found the topics discussed more relevant than ever (e.g. cybersecurity for medical devices) and the energy palpable. Regular attendees of AAMI told me that they felt the same way, and they also noticed a larger crowd than in years past. You can see more of our AAMI coverage on the following pages.

During AAMI, I also had the pleasure of moderating a panel on CMS' updated maintenance directive. The panel was sponsored by Siemens and included the very sought-after perspective of the imaging equipment manufacturer. In the updated directive, which the agency clarified at the end of 2013, CMS basically gave health care facilities permission to follow an alternative equipment maintenance program - in essence, something they have been doing all along - except in the cases of maintaining imaging equipment and lasers.

It's an exciting time for our industry and I hope you will continue to find DOTmed News and DOTmed HealthCare Business News a valuable source of news and information. It's certainly been an interesting experience for me covering this sector over the past few years.

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