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April 07, 2017
Infection Control
From the April 2017 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Steris / V-PRO 60 Low
Temperature Sterilization System

Steris / V-PRO ® 60 Low Temperature Sterilization System
The V-PRO 60 Sterilizer offers the same trusted VHP technology as the V-PRO maX, with space saving flexibility offered by a cart mounted or countertop option. This model offers three sterilization cycles to match the device being processed. Wider cycle claims and the ability to have mixed loads allows you to maximize devices per load.

Steris / AMSCO 400 Series
Small Steam Sterilizers

Steris / AMSCO® 400 Series Small Steam Sterilizers
AMSCO® 400 Series Small Steam Sterilizers are engineered to be fully compliant with current steam sterilization standards. The 20 x 20 sterilizer is validated to accommodate a maximum of three 25 lbs. sets (up to 75 lbs.) per load, and the 16-inch models can sterilize two 25 lbs. sets (up to 50 lbs. per cycle), per AAMI guidance for processing weights.

Tuttnauer / Steam Sterilizers

Tuttnauer / Steam Sterilizers
The Tuttnauer 4472/5596, featuring 16” x 16” and 20” x 20” chamber sizes, comes standard in a space-saving design capable of fitting into the smallest of footprints. FDA cleared, these sterilizers are manufactured primarily for use in the operating room and ambulatory surgery centers. Reliable, non-proprietary components add to the “uptime” and low cost of maintenance. Flexible door designs, eco-friendly systems and a wide range of options are available. Tuttnauer also offers larger sterilizers for central sterile supply applications.
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