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Infection Control

Rural hospital patient safety benefits and survival prescription
In the rural setting, hospital infections are fewer
Improving standard of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Care while increasing MRI revenues

Standalone Performance AUROC curve of Bot Image's ProstatID AI Software obtained during clinical studies using retrospective Imaging and Pathology data from various MRI vendors and locations.

Health IT MRI Ultrasound
IMRIS and Hill-Rom roll out new OR table for intraoperative MR
Eliminates need for patient movement, minimizes risk of infection during neurosurgery
uDR® 380i Pro by United Imaging
Power at the Point of Care
Product Showcase Sponsored
HAIs shrink as trend for outpatient facilities grows
An unanticipated benefit of spreading out the patient population
Assessing the indirect costs of HAIs
Internal costs from $25,000 to $45,000 per incident are only the beginning
A new threat tops ECRI's annual health tech hazards list
Some familiar concerns did not make the cut this year
In Mexico, a call for sterilized, used pacemakers as implants in new study
An alternative for those who cannot afford new pacemakers
The unique challenges of keeping the MR environment clean
Eliminating bacteria in the magnetically charged MR suite
Dr. Bradley J. Catalone
TSO3 hires chief science officer
New study pinpoints most effective infection control practices
Maintain a sterile operating field and track outcomes
Gene-editing technology may cure deadly diseases
Assessing the game-changing potential of CRISPR
Four-step test can assess resistance of medical plastics to disinfectants
Don't let the fight against HAIs compromise your capital equipment
Training and empowerment are the keys to providing quality care
Understanding strategies for reducing the rate of HAIs
Taking the bite out of rabies
In 1885 Louis Pasteur successfully tested his rabies vaccine
CMS considers making hospital inspection outcomes public
Agencies are not uncovering as many violations as government inspectors are finding
Better design needed for reusable devices, experts say
Addressing challenges of reprocessing and reducing HAIs at MD&M East in NYC
Infection Control Corner: Bacteria hits the floor
Floors are an under-appreciated source of pathogen dissemination