Five new products and innovations to reduce the danger of infections

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Five new products and innovations to reduce the danger of infections

May 19, 2017
Infection Control
From the May 2017 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Small device UV disinfection
Unfortunately, many of the devices that doctors, nurses and others use throughout the day are overlooked when cleaning and disinfecting are needed. Consider how many times you touch your cell phone, stethoscope or other tools such as oximeters or blood pressure cuffs. Hand-washing will help, but due to the frequency these devices are used, they become prime suspects in carrying harmful bacteria. Even MDROs can be eliminated from surfaces using the correct C-spectrum ultraviolet (UV) light. Placing your phone, pen or stethoscope in a UV flash cabinet for just a few minutes can be enough ultraviolet light to kill superbugs such as C. difficile, S. aureus and more.

Waterproof copper keyboard

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Most have heard about the increased usage of copper in health care-related devices such as IV poles and bedrails. Copper manufacturers claim that the metal is inherently antimicrobial and the EPA has even approved CuVerro copper for usage. Certain copper products are said to kill bacteria and viruses that settle on its surface. One product that doesn’t get much attention is a copper-surfaced keyboard made with copper keys. This keyboard is not just washable. It is fully immersible. With keyboards being high-touch devices in ORs and ICU areas, this is a solution that could benefit everyone.

Scrubs made to stop germs
The infection prevention market is expanding so quickly that even hospitals are working on solutions. Some of the large systems have even gone so far as to develop venture capital departments to capture some of the revenue that new products may create. Baptist Health System in Florida teamed with Vestigen to create a new material for scrubs that is highly durable and repels liquid. The purpose of the advanced scrub material is to prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria by making a fabric that is completely wipeable.

Hospitals must focus on reducing infections since infections are mostly preventable and represent not only a large safety issue to patients and staff, but a significant cost to the facility. With an aging population and increase in MDROs, even the CDC is recognizing the need for new technology in reducing HAIs by granting more than $10 million in research funds focused on innovation.

About the author: Thom Wellington is the CEO and a stockholder in Infection Control University.

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