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Checking in with IMRIS CEO, Andy Flanagan

From the June 2018 issue of DOTmed HealthCare Business News magazine

For procedures like DBS to treat patients with movement disorders, the IMRIS Surgical Theatre completely changes the experience for both surgeons and patients. Traditionally, DBS is performed using local anesthesia to implant electrodes in the brain while the patient is awake. Neurosurgeons rely on the patient’s awake responses to stimulation. Some patients decline DBS procedures after learning that they need to be awake for the procedure.

IMRIS offers a solution that increases patient safety, reduces risk of infection, and improves outcomes, while bringing confidence to patients’ families. With intraoperative imaging in the IMRIS Surgical Theatre, the procedure can be performed while the patient is asleep. Neurosurgeons also have an unprecedented level of precision while performing the procedure.
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HCB News: How do hospitals that invest in something like intraoperative MR see financial returns on the investment?
AF:One of the biggest returns on investment is the improvement to patient outcomes, which is the ultimate goal – saving lives. The IMRIS Surgical Theatre allows for greater utilization. It is important that the MR scanner be available for routine diagnostic scans when not in use in the operating room, and the operating room is fully utilized even when the iMRI is not necessary. There are also implications for a hospital’s reputation, recruitment, and retention efforts. The IMRIS Surgical Theatre also offers greater efficiencies. In the example of asleep DBS procedures, surgeons are able to cut hours from their surgery time and perform multiple surgeries in a single day.

HCB News: Which imaging OEMs does IMRIS partner with for the systems?
AF: IMRIS integrates all the leading vendors into our surgical theatre designs, including our modality partner, Siemens Healthineers – the leader in MR, CT, and angiography.

HCB News: You recently got FDA clearance for a multifunctional surgical theater table, how does that enhance the system?
AF: The new multifunctional magnetic resonance (MR) Neurosurgical Table was a joint development between IMRIS and Hill-Rom Surgical Solution’s Trumpf Medical, and it’s an essential component of the IMRIS Surgical Theatre. It’s built on the TruSystem® 7500 Surgical Table platform, with interchangeable tabletops to be used for a broad range of surgical procedures and disciplines. It offers improved ergonomics and allows surgeons to position the patient exactly where they need to be for optimal precision and efficiency. Boston Children’s Hospital, our first customer in 2005, is now also the first hospital to implement the new MR Neurosurgical Table.
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