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Glassbeam partners with Calamed

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | June 05, 2018
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ISO Calamed LLC has agreed to become a strategic reseller for Glassbeam Inc., extending the geographic footprint of the machine data analytics company into Latin America and the Caribbean.

Utilizing Glassbeam’s solutions, Calamed now offers analytical evaluations of complex data sets retrieved from MR and CT scanners along with remote monitoring services for ensuring the highest level of equipment uptime.

“They are a young ISO and one of the leading ones for Latin American and Caribbean markets in America,” Puneet Pandit, president and CEO of Glassbeam, told HCB News at the AAMI 2018 Conference and Expo in Long Beach, California. “They are opening up a new geography for us. We are expanding beyond the Midwest and Southern California into a different part of the Americas for us under an ISO. That’s a key partner for us. It’s an expansion story.”
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Downtime of scanners such as CTs and MRs leads to greater dissatisfaction among patients and can cost providers up to several thousand dollars in scan revenue each day.

Using Glassbeam’s analytical solutions, machines are able to transmit alerts to technical experts through the cloud when issues arise, who then contact the clinical engineering teams of providers to address the problems immediately.

Predictive analytics provides “valuable insight” from the data it retrieves from device maintenance and repair, according to the FDA Report on the Quality, Safety, and Effectiveness of Servicing of Medical Devices.

The addition of Calamed as a partner follows recent collaborations established with ISOs Brown Medical Imaging and Radiographic Equipment Services, a trend that falls in line with Glassbeam’s aim to create greater equality in the competitive edge of ISOs compared to OEMs.

“Most of these ISOs compete with OEMs to win business,” said Pandit. “Customers are smart and becoming more educated, asking more than just the cost essentials. When any ISO brings a solution like Glassbeam to the table for their customers, it basically makes the level playing field a lot stronger, compared to OEMs. That’s exactly what’s going on in the market. We are empowering ISOs to become more effective in competing against OEMs.”

Glassbeam analyzes approximately 18 billion events across multiple healthcare machines, experiencing 100 million events daily and 50,000 per system each day.

Glassbeam solutions are now being deployed through Calamed.

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