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Dr. Michael Recht urges tech, data and AI innovation to rescue imaging at RSNA

by John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent | November 26, 2018
Artificial Intelligence MRI

This has heightened patient satisfaction as they are on the exam table within 15 minutes of their appointment time in 82 percent of cases with total patient time spent in the department at less than 90 minutes. And, Recht said, the additional revenue helped justify the institution’s research and extra staffing costs to achieve the metric.

Recht concluded with a discussion of the evolving role of AI in research at NYULH. He and his colleagues are progressing on a goal to acquire an MR scan ten times faster through data compression and reconfiguration through a machine learning neural algorithm. He presented several images of the standard and neural AI images that he challenged the audience to detect the difference between – there were no takers.

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He also announced the availability of an open MR data source file composed of their MR speed research. And, he said, there will soon be an announcement of a “significant” prize for any clinical party that can advance NYLUH’s current data MR capture from a times-four factor to a times-ten factor.

“Our goal is to replace radiological exams with MR exams,” said Recht.

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