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DiA showcases AI solution for point-⁠of-⁠care cardiac ultrasound

by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | December 07, 2018
A technology showcased at the 2018 RSNA annual meeting is bringing AI-powered analysis to mobile, point-of-care ultrasound.

The product from DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd., LVivo EF, measures ejection fraction in cardiac ultrasound and is now available with the recently-launched GE Healthcare Vscan Extend handheld mobile ultrasound.

The solution is fully embedded in the ultrasound device so the end user doesn’t have to access a separate platform, said Hila Goldman-Aslan, chief executive officer and co-founder of DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd.

“We see a great response from the market,” Goldman-⁠Aslan told HCB News.

Goldman-Aslan noted that she is currently in talks with additional partners.

The devices are commonly used by EMS professionals, in the ICU and during bed rounds, and in home care, providing the ability to assess the condition of the heart immediately.

“It’s a game changer,” Goldman-⁠Aslan said.

Currently, clinicians measure ejection fraction with a visual estimation, which can vary widely based on their experience, Goldman-Aslan said. The LVivo EF provides left ventricle ejection fraction scoring and volume measurements using AI technology and pattern recognition algorithms that are based on the way to human eye identifies borders and motion, making the measurement much less subjective.

“Even if you train your eye to understand things, if you’re not doing it on a regular basis, you forget it,” Goldman-Aslan said. “Here you give them an exact number. According to this number, they can decide what to do next.”

Customers say the application is easy to use and that it’s not necessary to have complex training, Goldman-Aslan said.

The LVivo EF shows an error message if the image is not being taking correctly; the next generation of the technology will guide the clinician in the right direction to take a better image of the heart.

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