Are you ready for MEDICA 2019?

Are you ready for MEDICA 2019?

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | October 14, 2019
European News

HCB News: How does MEDICA and the medical industry it represents stand out from other trade fairs?

WD: The medical technology industry is extremely innovative. At the European Patent Office last year, no other technology sector managed to exceed the almost 14,000 patent applications from the field of medical technology. “Digital communication” and “computer technologies” take the next two places in the ranking, and the pharmaceutical industry has barely more than half as many patent applications. This says a lot about the medical industry, especially since the figures include patent applications from all over the world, many of them from the USA. The innovation cycle is short by industry standards, and this is one of the main reasons why medical fairs such as the world’s leading trade fair, MEDICA, are held annually. Although the healthcare market is growing globally due to demographic developments and increasing prosperity in many countries, it is precisely for these reasons that it is so highly competitive. In addition to that, the structures of healthcare systems vary widely across countries, even within the EU, both in terms of ensuring care and financing health services. No country’s market is like any other, which presents companies with challenges in terms of market cultivation. This makes it all the more necessary to stay up-to-date by participating in trade fairs and maintaining contacts with relevant decision-makers. The best place for this is the number-one international meeting place, MEDICA.


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HCB News: Are you involved in changes to MEDICA? And what will be changing about MEDICA in 2019?

WD: MEDICA has existed for almost half a century now, but all event formats are continuously reviewed and further developed in line with the latest trends.

At MEDICA 2019, we will be offering something new again — namely a restructured configuration with regard to the allocation of themes in the halls.

We have regrouped the MEDICA segment of information and communication technology from Hall 15 to Hall 13, directly connecting this topic to the halls for medical technology and electromedicine (Halls 9 to 14).

This is a logical consequence of trends in the market. Digitalization in medicine continues to progress at full speed and is fundamentally changing product development and business processes.

Today we speak less and less about health IT as an isolated discipline. We currently talk about digital health in the overall consideration of the digital transformation, which encompasses all product and service areas but in particular the convergence of software and hardware in the fields of medical technology and electromedicine.

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