Mark Francis

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Mark Francis

Electronic Caregiver hires chief digital health integration officer
June 02, 2020

"No other company is as well-positioned as ECG to provide a portfolio of cutting-edge solutions, at scale, to address needs and improve outcomes," he continued. "Electronic Caregiver with Pro Health, Addison Care, and other product offerings, has the opportunity to emerge as a market maker and innovation leader for the future of health care."

Along with leadership roles at some of the world's most reputable companies, Francis has worked for smaller companies, nonprofits, and the City of Boston. He carries with him 25 years of experience in aging service, technology, and product development.

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"Blending the experiences gained as a geriatric care manager, CEO of an eldercare provider, emerging technology product manager and marketer enables me to see the world through the eyes of (ECG's) end-users, customers, partners, developers, and designers," Francis said.

Francis said his long-term goal at Electronic Caregiver is to work with the team to seize opportunities presented by recent developments in health care, allowing the company to achieve its destiny.

"We can build a billion-dollar company," he said. "More importantly, we can lead the way to transform health care and enable millions of people to live healthier, richer lives."

Electronic Caregiver President Joe Baffoe said he is looking forward to what Francis will bring to the table.

"Over my 33-year career on Wall Street funding disruptive technology, it was always a huge shot in the arm to have a Key Opinion Leader endorse your portfolio company," Baffoe said. "Mark joining ECG takes it to an entirely new level. He has spent his entire career searching for solutions to shift the health care paradigm, making it patient-centric and to shift away from episodic care to predictive and preventative care. Mark deciding to be 'all in' is a testament to our team, our leadership, and our future."

About Electronic Caregiver
Electronic Caregiver® has become a leading and highly recognized brand for virtual care solutions and Remote Patient Monitoring services. The company staff size more than doubled in 2019 and is nearing 150 full-time employees. Electronic Caregiver® has invested more than $55 million and 10 years into research, development and a staged rollout of virtual care and health management solutions for chronic care patients, child patients and older adults.

Electronic Caregiver® offers its solutions through a network of leading national home care providers and health institutions and team members. Addison Care™ is the company's most advanced new technology, offering a Virtual Caregiver™ that deploys technology using IoT, 3D animation, mixed reality, Bluetooth, natural language processing, machine learning, visual sensing and a suite of integrated electronics. The company manages its business using an advanced proprietary enterprise management platform designed by the company and named Orion.

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