Mark Francis

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Mark Francis

Electronic Caregiver hires chief digital health integration officer
June 02, 2020
Mark Francis
LAS CRUCES, N.M., May 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Electronic Caregiver®, a national health technology company, is pleased to announce a new addition to its C-suite. Previously holding key executive positions with powerful corporations like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Intel, Mark Francis will join the Electronic Caregiver team as Chief Digital Health Integration Officer.

Francis will use his extensive expertise in business development and management, along with his passion for emerging technology, to help organizations integrate Electronic Caregiver's solutions at scale, grow the business and prepare the company's game-changing products for market.

"With high demand at other organizations for Mark's skills, wisdom and connections, we're honored to receive the validation expressed through his decision to join Electronic Caregiver's leadership team," said Electronic Caregiver CEO and founder Anthony Dohrmann. "Mark's time at AWS empowers him an understanding of our well-architected infrastructure. His lengthy time at Intel Digital Health delivers an advantage of knowledge and insight to help us drive enhanced, digital care solutions to patients, older adults, providers and payers around the world."

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The move to bring Francis aboard coincides with the growing demand for digital health in a COVID-19 world. Electronic Caregiver's technology, offering telehealth and remote patient monitoring services, has become a vital solution to the current crisis by helping to slow the spread and impact of COVID-19. In addition, the company is working to integrate coronavirus-specific features into their current products and is in the process of developing a Virtual Caregiver with Addison Care™.

Addison, the Virtual Caregiver™, anticipated to be released to the market in 2021, is a state-of-the-art, 3D-animated caregiver with an endearing personality. She is designed to engage with and help monitor the health of aging and chronically ill clients, as well as child patients, via touch-screen devices strategically placed throughout a residence.

Francis said the changing face of health care coupled with the demands on caregivers due to the aging population and increased longevity confirms the time is now for transformative solutions to support health, aging and caregiving. And Electronic Caregiver is leading the way.

"COVID-19 marks a tipping point for the adoption of digital health technologies," Francis said. "The resistance to adopting telehealth, remote health management, voice-driven technology and other emerging tech solutions has been knocked down. If companies can show results and demonstrate strong outcomes, then there is a real opportunity to make these changes permanent."

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