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Imaging management product showcase

by Mai Hiraoka, Media Relations Manager | July 15, 2020
From the July 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Hitachi Healthcare Americas, Vidistar Image and Reporting Platform
Hitachi Healthcare Americas • Vidistar Image and Reporting Platform
Hitachi Healthcare Americas delivers best in class imaging technologies for healthcare providers. Hitachi’s VidiStar platform enables the creation of value-based reports leveraging a cloud-based image management and analytics platform for improved communication across the organization. As providers move towards value-based care, we will help them navigate the transition successfully with cloud-based solutions, that efficiently deploy and adopt technology across complex and diverse organizations; with structured reporting, that standardizes and improves the quality of clinical reports and streamlines communication while reducing errors and decreasing turn-around time; with advanced analytics and data mining, that identifies key value drivers and improves decision making.

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas • Exa Platform
Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas • Exa® Platform
Konica Minolta’s Exa® Platform offers a unique and unparalleled software solution to manage medical imaging and patient data across the healthcare spectrum. Exa products including, PACS, RIS, specialty viewers and Billing all enjoy the distinct benefits of speed, security, and access, due to advanced features like Server-Side Rendering, Zero Footprint viewer and a single integrated database across modules. The combination of Server-Side Rendering and a diagnostic quality Zero Footprint viewer provide fast access to all DICOM images from any location and any device. For more information, please visit konicaminoltahcit.com.

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, KDR Advanced U-arm System
Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas • KDR® Advanced U-arm System
The versatile, compact design of the KDR® Advanced U-arm System makes it ideal for locations that need to provide superior-quality radiography services in small spaces. The flexible and fully automated floor-mounted system can be installed under 8’ ceilings, maximizing office space and improving positioning capabilities. The U-arm architecture and portable table allow for table work when needed. Workflow is enhanced by the 17” x 17” built-in detector, constant alignment, independent tilting of the tube and detector for simplified anatomy positioning. A tube-mounted console allows the operator to confirm patient information and image quality at the patient side, minimizing exam time.

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas SONIMAGE HS1 and SONIMAGE MX1
Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, SONIMAGE® HS1 and SONIMAGE® MX1
Konica Minolta’s ultrasound systems feature advanced MSK functionality for superior image detail and contrast resolution for ultrasound guided procedures and therapies. Our UGPro™ Solution unites advanced ultrasound capabilities with the latest minimally invasive procedural technologies so clinicians have the confidence to make better decisions sooner. For enhanced needle guidance, the SONIMAGE® HS1 and SONIMAGE® MX1 incorporate an advanced algorithm that utilizes both in-plane and out-of-plane methods to improve needle visibility, especially in steep angle approaches. The clarity and blue color of the needle enables increased accuracy, making portable systems an ideal solution for pain management guided injections and therapeutic procedures.

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