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These new MR features promise to help with the COVID imaging backlog

by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | September 21, 2020
From the September 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Noras-Qfix Encompass Head Coil
Noras MRI Products
Noras MRI Products, in collaboration with radiotherapy company Qfix, recently released their new Encompass 15 Channel Head Coil.

The patent-pending coil, which was cleared by FDA in September 2019, is designed to be used during MR exams either independently or in conjunction with a patient immobilization device.
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The coil is designed to accommodate Qfix’s Encompass MR SRS Immobilization System, which includes a face mask for more accurate treatment planning and smaller tumor margins. When used with the Encompass immobilization device, images acquired with the coil can be useful for treatment planning prior to stereotactic radiosurgery.

“Prior positioning devices were not as accurate and as easy to use,” said Dan Coppens, CEO/CTO of Qfix.

“Even though MR provides better image resolution and doesn’t involve additional radiation exposure like CT imaging, traditionally it hasn’t been widely used in radiation therapy planning due, in part, to problems arising from spatial accuracy and geometric constraints,” said Coppens.

“Within the MR, you always need a dedicated coil close to anatomy,” said Manuel Noras, chief executive officer of Noras MRI Products.

The adjustable geometry of the new coil can adapt to the particular patient setup by positioning the coil elements as closely as possible to the patient without disturbing the anatomy, Noras said. Additionally, the coil can be placed where the patient is positioned instead of snapping to the table, facilitating improved workflows.

“As imaging and treatment in radiation therapy has evolved, we could see the need for a coil and immobilization system that work together,” Coppens said. “The Qfix/Noras partnership has allowed us to realize that goal. With the coil, we see beautiful images with very high detail.”

Philips Ingenia Evolution
Philips is introducing its new Ingenia Evolution 1.5T MR scanner, which supports the company’s Smart Workflow automation, helping speed up exams in the era of increased cleaning.

“This suite of solutions provides guidance and automation,” said Simon Krijnen, director of product management for MR at Philips. “From the moment they close the door, the scan begins.”

The scanner also features 4D Free Breathing, which allows for free-breathing exams for patients who have difficulty holding their breath.

The scanner has the same specs as the Ingenia Ambition 1.5T scanner except for the BlueSeal fully-sealed magnet. The company decided to leave that out for a more value-focused market.

“It’s great to be able to provide our Smart Workflow solution to even more customers,” Krijnen said.

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