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Taking a data-driven approach to healthcare in Chicago

by Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | December 11, 2020
From the November 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

The use of data is also very important to the leadership team. It helps to drive change and process improvement based on data and not anecdote. We spend a tremendous amount of time with our patients and use data to be able to improve upon the care that we deliver to patients. It’s an analytically-driven culture in the sense that we want to make sure we’re providing the best care to our patients as possible, and if we see opportunities we face them head on and we address that.

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HCB News: Can we go into the partnership with CipherHealth when you’re talking about analytics? How has that partnership helped and how has focusing on analytics helped, especially since the pandemic?
VR-S: Our culture is focused so much on using data to drive care and that has really fostered our relationship with Cipher. The partnership with Cipher allows us great intel from the voice of the customer. It's what we think we’re doing and it's what the customer is receiving. The work that we've done for outreach to our patients — whether that be our post discharge calls, and using their feedback from the calls to drive our process redesign within the hospital — has been really important and has helped us reduce our readmission rate which is something we’re very focused on. But also during the COVID crisis, we have continued the outreach calls but expanded more longitudinally to follow the patients post-discharge 14 days to understand what their experience has been, where there are opportunities for us to improve our transitions of care, where there are gaps in the community (ability to receive medications, transportation back to facilities, inability to engage on virtual visits) all of those types of things. That data we’re getting back helps inform us so we can address those needs head on. I think the Cipher partnership has really helped to facilitate a lot of that work

HCB News: Was that focus on analytics and that outreach to patients already well in place before Covid came up?
VR-S: Absolutely — for the years I’ve been there and before I arrived, that work around readmission reduction and outreach was something already embedded in the culture. What the Cipher platform has allowed us to do is scale that work.

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