Trends and takeaways from HLTH 2021

October 29, 2021
Business Affairs Health IT

Colin Banas
“One of the most significant things I experienced at HLTH2021 was a dramatic increase in conversations about the need for new and better services that support the care of patients in their homes. A lot of start-ups are focusing on this space, going beyond remote patient monitoring to enabling actual in-home care for things that haven’t been possible before. This includes mobile units that would come to a patient’s home to administer intravenous fluids and antibiotics, perform blood tests to check electrolyte levels and blood panels, and even take x-rays and ultrasounds. This reflects the appreciation we’ve seen for providing ‘healthcare without walls’ as part of our care collaboration platform, which includes telehealth. We expect to see interest in this area continue to push the boundaries of how providers meet patients where they are.” - Colin Banas, MD, chief medical officer for DrFirst

Oron Afek
“The need for connectivity between payers and providers to support the adoption of value-based care contracts was a hot topic at HLTH. Additionally, we were excited to see discussion around the need for multi-payer collaboration to encourage behavior change and improved performance among providers. It’s clear that there is now more openness among payers and providers to engage in value-based care, look beyond fee-for-service, and incorporate technology that will enhance connectivity.” - Oron Afek is the co-founder and CEO of Vim

Micah Parker
"HLTH demonstrated the vast opportunity to improve quality of care, productivity of frontline staff, and that transparency throughout the entire healthcare process is at the forefront for thought leaders. Solutions like at-home monitoring, faster sample testing, data aggregation and the elimination of silos, virtual care, AI disability assistance, and transportation of people and supplies between facilities are only a few examples of how our society can benefit from the winds of digital transformation in healthcare. For me, the overarching theme of HTLH was the synergy and partnership between innovators in an effort to, together, create something more than we can create separately.” - Micah Parker, director of engineering at Motient

Chris Young
"With more than $15B invested in the health technology space over the past year, this year's HLTH covered what this means in the broader healthcare industry. The key themes I heard: (1) Health technology is a marathon, not a sprint. Healthcare regulations will never move as fast as investments in the space, and new entrants need to focus on tangible solutions for real pain points. There's currently a lot of noise in the marketplace and not enough proven distinctions in the solutions offered. (2) 'Patient experience' is just one aspect of an engagement funnel. Activation is the key metric that both health technology vendors and providers should be measuring. While this isn't a new concept, the increase in 'healthcare-in-a-box' solutions is highlighting the value of continued and sustainable patient engagement." - Chris Young, head of product at Force Therapeutics

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