Crothall acquires ABM's Clinical Engineering organization

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | March 23, 2022
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Crothall Healthcare has acquired ABM's Clinical Engineering organization.
Crothall Healthcare has acquired ABM’s Clinical Engineering organization for an undisclosed price.

Based in New York, ABM’s Clinical Engineering organization manages medical equipment maintenance and repair services for ambulatory care centers, imaging centers, rehabilitation and acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and research and training facilities. It will help improve patient safety, reduce risks, promote transparency and simplify business management for Crothall.

Through the deal, Crothall's Healthcare Technology Solution division will take command of and leverage its insights and experience to improve the operations for ABM's Clinical Engineering organization. "Not only does this allow us to deepen our footprint in the Northeast, it also allows us to continue to expand our West Coast presence. We felt that ABM aligned with our "small family feel" while operating with the support of a large operating structure,” James Cheek, president of Crothall Healthcare Technology Solutions, told HCB News.

An independent service organization, Crothall offers diverse services and solutions for equipment maintenance, including cyberHUB for cybersecurity management; remoteINSIGHTS for remotely monitoring imaging equipment; and equipREADY for facilitating appropriate equipment distribution and disinfection.

Crothall expects to be better able to decrease variations and create a uniform approach for ABM's processes through its ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System, which it gained in 2019. This will result in greater safety for patients and reduced medical risks, says Cheek.

Crothall expects the partnership to provide resources that will reduce the need for providers it serves to contract with OEMs and other independent service organizations. And through Crothall’s capitalInsights platform, it will help ABM's Clinical Engineering organization collect and leverage objective data for organizing and guiding the replacement of medical equipment.

Additionally, the collaboration will bring more transparency and visibility in the use of executive dashboards for managing inventory, which providers can take care of with Crothall’s CMMS system, teamCHAMPS. Launched last year, the solution is designed to support the full-service management life cycle of a hospital’s medical device fleet. Its cloud-powered inventory control feature enables teams to track each step of the inventory process, and it also captures information on service contract management, service requests, preventive maintenance management, capital equipment and cybersecurity profiles.

With it, Crothall’s HTS team can also track historical data and use teamCHAMPS' corrective, preventive, and predictive analytics to optimize the use of all equipment and improve decision-making with maintenance issues.

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