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PrecisionOS and Siemens introduce VR training for mobile 3D C-arm

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | June 01, 2022
Operating Room X-Ray
PrecisionOS is offering virtual training sessions to teach surgeons and technicians on using Siemens Healthineers' mobile 3D C-arm Cios Spin. (Photo courtesy of PrecisionOS)
VR training software developer PrecisionOS is using virtual reality to teach surgeons and technicians how to use the Siemens Healthineers mobile 3D C-arm, Cios Spin.

Approved in 2018, Cios Spin produces 2D and 3D images for evaluating and guiding surgeons as they perform intraoperative corrections.

Accessible on Oculus VR headsets, PrecisionOS VR software creates a virtual operating room and a virtual patient that surgeons and technicians can use Cios Spin on together.

"Providing better training for surgeons and technicians will promote better teamwork and experience for everyone in the OR," said Dr. Danny Goel, orthopedic surgeon and CEO of PrecisionOS, in a statement. "The result will be better patient care and improved OR safety."

PrecisionOS recently expanded beyond orthopedics into general surgery, and its new partnership with Siemens expands its growing network of medical device partners in the field, says Goel. Its software consists of a headset and has sensors that help surgeons detect the motion of hands and fingers throughout the operation, thereby making the training sessions more realistic.

A case study published last year showed that the solution's virtual training sessions helped a surgeon perform a slipped capital femoral epiphysis surgery that another surgeon failed to complete twice. The operation was successful and used 10 times less radiation than the first two.

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