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GE Healthcare unveils ultrapremium ultrasound, the Voluson Expert 22

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | July 28, 2022
Voluson Expert 22 (Photo courtesy of GE Healthcare)
GE Healthcare has launched its ultrapremium ultrasound system, the Voluson Expert 22, designed for women’s health.

The solution is equipped with graphic-based beam forming technology to boost image quality and functions, and automates manual tasks using AI.

GE designed the system in response to demands for smarter, intuitive scanners to fill the gap created by the shortage of clinicians. It is meant to increase confidence in point-of-care diagnoses, especially for pregnancy, which is becoming more complex.

“Technology continues to move obstetrics and gynecology forward, but there is a delicate balance between using technology to enhance medical care and the human role in medicine. We are incredibly proud to build on our legacy of innovation in women’s health with the introduction of the Voluson Expert 22, and deliver advanced ultrasound imaging at the point of care that allows for more shared decision-making between clinician and patient,” said Gerald Seifriedsberger, general manager of women’s health at GE Healthcare, in a statement.

The Voluson Expert 22 has a 23.8 inch high-definition ultrasound display that depicts images in three sizes, including full screen scans that show finer details. Users can input their preferences to personalize the interface, while the Respond probe activation feature automatically initializes probes and presets when removed from the holder.

With its Lyric Architecture, the scanner heightens image resolution for deeper penetration and frame rates that allow for fine anatomy to be studied in 2D, 3D and 4D. It also is more independent of body habitus and other difficult scanning conditions, and increases spatial and contrast resolution to enhance image uniformity.

Three of its AI applications include SonoLyst, for identifying fetal anatomy with 65% more efficiency; SonoPelvicFloor, to automate plane alignment and measurements for an 80% simpler exam process; and SonoCNS, which shows fetal brain measurements in 3D volume, ensures consistent measurements, and reduces exam time by 81%. Additionally, customizable touch panels, color and lighting options make the user experience more satisfactory.

“The AI built into this machine is so far advanced compared to what we've seen before, and it’s only a hint. It's our responsibility to push it even further by using it, by challenging it, and showing it. That’s what makes a difference,” said Dr. Lawrence Platt, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the Center for Fetal Medicine in Los Angeles.

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