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ViewRay moves HQ to Denver

by Thomas Dworetzky, Contributing Reporter | August 10, 2022
Business Affairs Rad Oncology

The new MRIdian A3i features enable Henry Ford clinicians to collaborate simultaneously and connect remotely during patient treatment.

“People worldwide travel to Henry Ford Health for advanced cancer treatment, and our MRIdian systems have allowed us to deliver expedited treatment courses often completed in one to two weeks,” director of MR-guided Radiation and GI Radiation at the Henry Ford Cancer Institute, Dr. Parag Parikh said in a statement. “As the first cancer center in the world to treat patients with the MRIdian A3i, we have observed the improved accuracy of a liver tumor treatment using its two-plane imaging, and the technology has already assisted with treatment planning and evaluation for a patient with recurrent meningioma.”

When ViewRay supplied the United Kingdom's GenesisCare with its first MRIdian system in 2018, Aldo Rolfo, executive manager for GenesisCare Europe, said in a statement that, “combining an MR scanner with a linear accelerator is the way of the future in radiotherapy, allowing us to see — for the first time — what's really happening inside the body during treatment.”

The integration of MR technology, radiation delivery, and proprietary software to locate, target and track the position and shape of tumors while radiation is delivered, he noted, “will enable our clinicians to offer truly personalized radiotherapy by adapting treatment in real time, to better target tumors and minimize side effects for patients.”

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