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Healthcare delivery 2.0 — Telehealth beyond the virtual visit

January 03, 2023
Business Affairs Health IT

Increased investment means that there are more tech-first infrastructure companies that are building foundational platforms that enable virtual-first care. This means that healthcare delivery organizations do not need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to features like scheduling, EMR fundamentals, and engagement back-end, plus integrating with other business and clinical tools that these companies need for success. As a result, virtual-first care delivery companies are able to focus on care delivery, clinical outcomes, and differentiating models to provide better access to healthcare.

Most importantly, this new generation of healthcare infrastructure is replacing out-dated, care limited paradigm of building walls across data. For decades, legacy tech vendors have defended their own proprietary approaches while resisting interoperability, locking in their customers and their profit margins — yet also effectively inhibiting patient care. Now is the time for collectively building bridges for data access, prioritizing interoperability and collaboration.

About the author: Erica Jain is the CEO and cofounder of Healthie, where she builds healthcare infrastructure to power virtual-first healthcare delivery. She works closely with digital health organizations to design solutions that deliver comprehensive and effective modern healthcare solutions.

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