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Virtual reality: Transforming healthcare experiences for a better tomorrow

May 26, 2023
Business Affairs
Virtual reality in healthcare may be currently in its infancy but it is growing rapidly. It is quickly becoming a standard of care, particularly in children. Every day we are witnessing new ways in which technology can help with patient care and treatment.

As of writing, virtual reality has been used for the following and the list will only continue to grow:

- Pain management for patients with needle phobia
- Sensory management for patients with autism
- Exposure therapy for overcoming fears
- Medical education and clinical training
- Treatment for mental health
- Assisting with physical therapy treatments

It won’t be long before this technology will be available to multiple hospitals and clinics in the United States. When that time comes, allow this technology to improve the clinical experience for your patients.

About the author: Dr. Evelyn Chan is a medical doctor specializing in pediatrics and a Rhodes Scholar. She is a pioneer in the field of virtual reality in healthcare, having developed the Smileyscope VR device to alleviate pain and anxiety in pediatric patients. Dr. Chan is passionate about utilizing technology to enhance patient care, medical education, and healthcare innovation.

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