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Radiologists are the highest paid professionals in these four states

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | July 07, 2023
Business Affairs
Radiologists have the highest paid occupation in California, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, radiologists make more than any other profession in California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

The U.S. employs 29,250 radiologists, with more than 63% working in physician offices for an average of $358,020 per year, reported the BLS in its May 2022 annual wage data, which was used by Business Insider to create an interactive map of the U.S. that showed which professionals made the most in each state and Washington, D.C.

Comparing annual compensation in each of these four states to one another, radiologists made the most in Wisconsin at $387,790 on average among 1,460 individuals in the profession, followed by $376,470 among 1,200 in Pennsylvania, $339,140 among 1,700 in California, and $309,090 among 2,120 in Massachusetts, which had the highest share in any state.

Radiologists placed among the top six highest-paying jobs in the U.S. with an average annual salary of $329,080. Cardiologists had the most profitable occupation in the entire country, based on national average data, at $421,330, and also made the most in Florida ($428,810 for 1,220) and New York ($348,860 among 2,370).

In more than 40 states, a healthcare professional had the highest-paying job. Anesthesiologists made the most in Washington state, Arizona, and Ohio, while emergency medicine specialists topped other professions in Michigan and Virginia.

In 22 states, the highest paying job was listed as "Physicians, all other", which BLS used to refer to all physicians not listed in one of its specific specialty categories. These professionals had a national average pay of $238,700 per year, but most states paid more than that, with some paying over $300,000.

Business Insider assessed only data for jobs with at least 1,000 employees in the state and for which BLS published a specific average annual wage estimate.

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