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Overcoming cost and manpower limitations with self-service data analytics

February 21, 2024
Business Affairs Health IT

By coupling self-service data access with centralized expertise, TOH was able to leverage its centralized probability and statistical resources to generate a study at an accelerated pace.

Tackling budget and manpower challenges with self-service data analytics
The need for data-driven performance improvements will continue to grow as hospitals and health systems strive to optimize patient care and financial outcomes. Despite ever-present budget and manpower challenges, forward-thinking hospitals that embrace self-service data analytics have the opportunity to advance innovation and accelerate their data-driven initiatives.

About the authors: Peter Calderone is VP of customer success at MDClone, and Deanna Rothwell is director of analytics at The Ottawa Hospital.

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Kim Sr Luy

Self-service Data Analytics approach

February 22, 2024 04:13

Agree 💯% with Self-service Data Analytics approach.

Kindly expound on its process flows.
What are applicable Softwares/System to be used?

Thank You

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