THINK Surgical enters distribution agreement with Zimmer Biomet

by HealthCare Business News | June 14, 2024
Operating Room
THINK Surgical's TMINI Miniature Robotic System
Fremont, California-based THINK Surgical Inc. has announced a limited exclusive distribution and supply agreement with Zimmer Biomet to introduce a customized TMINI robotic solution for total knee arthroplasty.

The TMINI System is a handheld, wireless new generation of robot which is easy to use and particularly well suited to the ambulatory surgery center market. The company aims to maximize customer access to this system through both exclusive and open platform offerings.

THINK Surgical maintains partnerships with approximately 10 implant companies to offer an open solution. "With our current implant partners, we support about 40% of the total knee implants on the market," said Chris Fronk, chief commercial officer of THINK Surgical. "Our technology is capable of supporting all total knee implant brands, and we expect to expand our market coverage by adding more implant brands."

The partnership with Zimmer Biomet enhances THINK Surgical's offerings, positioning the company as a leader in the orthopedic robotics market with flexible business models and a wide range of implant options.

"We believe that there are two distinct customer segments, one which prefers an open platform where the customer can choose from a range of implants on the robot, and another which prefers an exclusive platform where the customer gains access to the robot in return for loyalty to a single implant brand. We believe that these two customer segments are approximately equal," said Stuart Simpson, president and chief executive officer of THINK Surgical.

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