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NRU Idled Longer Than Expected; Lantheus Gets FDA Nod for LEU

by Lynn Shapiro, Writer | July 15, 2009

NRU in Litigation

As for the Canadian reactor, AECL president and CEO Hugh MacDiarmid, says that repairing it "for Canadian patients and health care practitioners is our primary objective. We have a dedicated team working around the clock to bring the NRU back to operation as quickly and as safely as possible. However, it is a complex task with many variables."

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In response to this statement, MDS Nordion says it is critical that the Canadian government insist that AECL abide by what it says is a commitment to replace the NRU reactor by bringing the Maple facilities back online as soon as possible.

MDS Nordion built the twin Maple facilities for AECL and signed a contract in 1996, stating that the reactors would replace NRU. The Maples plants were scheduled to be operational in 2000, with the $145 million cost paid by MDS Nordion. However, the Canadian government and AECL idled the new plants last year, claiming they had a fatal design flaw.

Nordion argues that the flaws can be repaired. The two sides are now locked in litigation over the Maples plants.

Sources: Lantheus, DOTmed, and industry reports

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