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Konica Minolta and Mindray partner for MSK portable ultrasound

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | November 23, 2016
Business Affairs Ultrasound
Market estimated at $62 million
Konica Minolta Healthcare has announced a partnership with Mindray in an effort to bring exclusive musculoskeletal portable ultrasound solutions to the market.

Ultrasound used to be exclusively reserved for certain specialties, but its portability and durability has opened it up to a broad range of applications in pre-hospital, austere and remote environments, according to a recent study published in the European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery.

This partnership will help to address the need for advanced ultrasound technology for out-of-hospital applications like MSK imaging, according to Konica Minolta. Both companies are committed to bringing this technology to orthopedists, sports medicine physicians, rheumatologists and podiatrists.

In August, Konica Minolta appointed Brian T. Noyes to senior vice president and general manager of its ultrasound division. The company believes that with his expertise he could make the ultrasound division a significant business within the company’s medical imaging business unit.

"The unique relationship with Mindray further underscores Konica Minolta's commitment to being a market leader in MSK ultrasound," Noyes said in a statement.

The U.S. MSK ultrasound market is estimated at $62 million, according to Klein Biomedical Consultants Inc. Due to its flexibility, ease of use and low cost, the market will likely continue to grow in the coming years.

Konica Minolta’s premier MSK ultrasound is its SONIMAGE HS1 compact ultrasound system. It’s equipped with an eight button console, touch screen and presets for MSK exams to help minimize the learning curve.

"By working together, industry experts bring value to musculoskeletal providers by giving them the best tools at the point of care," said Noyes.

Konica Minolta is based in Tokyo, Japan and has about 41,600 employees. In fiscal year 2015, the company earned $8.6 billion.

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