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Alliance Radiology and Sodexo enter asset management partnership

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | December 07, 2016
Business Affairs Medical Devices
Will cover over 500
imaging equipment assets
Alliance Radiology, a division of Alliance HealthCare Services, announced today a partnership with Sodexo Healthcare with the intent to meet the asset maintenance needs of their 1,000-plus hospital customers.

They plan to develop a fully-integrated asset management life cycle solution beyond the traditional solution that the market currently provides. This new approach will entail the total management of assets from initial customer planning through the equipment’s end of life, with a focus on preventive maintenance.

Sodexo will start with a subset of Alliance Radiology’s imaging assets. It will then expand the partnership over the next few years to maintain the majority of the company’s fleet, which includes more than 500 imaging equipment assets.

Alliance HealthCare Services is a leading provider of outsourced health care services for hospitals and providers in the U.S. As of September 30, Alliance operated 619 diagnostic radiology and radiation therapy systems including 112 fixed-site radiology centers and 32 radiation therapy centers and stereotactic radiosurgery facilities.

Sodexo’s 60,000 employees provide services to 4,300 hospitals in 34 countries. Its solutions address many of the challenges around the world including patient experience in the U.S., equitable access in the U.K., community services in Brazil and the Netherlands, and clinical technology management solutions in Thailand.

Sodexo also goes beyond equipment repair and maintenance, to include capital planning, as well as benchmarking against similarly situated hospitals.

“Our customers are looking for something beyond repair and maintenance,” said Steve Cannon, a senior vice president at Sodexo. “They’re looking to take their programs to the next level. We’re helping them from a technology assessment side.”

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