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Discussing health IT with GE Healthcare CEO, John Flannery

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | February 22, 2017
Business Affairs Health IT

JF: On one level you’re going to hear more of the same: more clinical partnerships, we developed a digital command center for Johns Hopkins University that has tremendous traction. We know exactly what we want to do, we’re putting a huge amount of resources on it and we’re riding on the back of GE, so we’re not going to veer left or right, we’re going to be stepping on the gas even harder.

We will also continue to partner with other leading academic institutions and health systems, like UCSF and BCH, targeting key disease states, inefficient processes, and care areas, to build a library of deep learning algorithms.

Looking further ahead, by 2020 we will have hundreds of apps in the GE Health Cloud, enabling insights that will truly transform health care.

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