Q&A with Dr. Steve Narang, CEO, Banner-University Medicine Phoenix

April 12, 2019
From the April 2019 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

This consumerism trend has of course had a significant impact on our system strategy regarding resource allocations. Like most systems, Banner Health’s early investment was in more traditional areas that included brick and mortar investments. However, in recent years, our senior leadership has decided to strategically shift more investments around improving the consumer experience platform, such as improving how consumers access and interact with Banner Health, acquiring new urgent-cares, building ambulatory surgery centers, implementation of a new mobile app, enhancing the patient portal, improved patient scheduling and communication tools, to name a few.

Patient rooms are designed with space in mind
to comfortably accommodate visitors
Moreover, in the last two years, in response to this clear consumerism trend, Banner Health is now one of the few health care organizations in the country to use the “Net Promoter Score” tool, to measure how well we are earning the trust of more consumers – so we can create more “promoters” of Banner Health in our increasingly competitive health care market.

HCB News: While the ACA wasn’t repealed, there are ongoing efforts to essentially make it fail. Would that impact your hospitals?
SN: At Banner- University Medical Center, Phoenix, we are a Level I trauma center, the largest teaching hospital in the state, and we have a disproportionate share of patients who have social/economic challenges and often can’t access critical resources needed to support their health. We also know that having access to health insurance is a critical driver toward improved health outcomes. The data has clearly shown that access to timely healthcare saves lives. As a hospital that cares for a higher proportion of vulnerable patients, it’s critical for us to have appropriate funding in order to meet our mission. So we would of course be very concerned about any threat to critical funding sources such as, for example, our expanded Medicaid coverage we have in Arizona that has had such a positive impact in our (and other hospitals’) ability to meet the needs of the complex populations we serve.

HCB News: Can you offer a prediction as to where you think our healthcare system will be in 10 years?

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