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The April Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Breaking barriers in Alzheimer’s disease with focused ultrasound
Researchers at Sunnybrook in Toronto are closing the therapeutic gap
Getting to the heart of cardiac ultrasound technology
From premium systems to point of care, an expanding market
What’s new in C-arms and tables?
Smaller footprint and dose reduction are defining a new generation of equipment


Cost Containment Corner

Building analytics: The future of facility operations
Because 'how's it going' is sometimes a loaded question

Exclusive Q&A

The benefits of intraoperative MR Q&A with Dr. John Huston
Mayo Clinic neuroradiologist discusses what the advanced capabilities mean for patients – as well as providers

Future Of...

The future of interventional radiology
Insights from Dr. M. Victoria Marx, 2018-2019 president of the Society of Interventional Radiology

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Dr. Steve Narang, CEO, Banner-University Medicine Phoenix
Sharing insights on his background in medicine and the philosophy of his organization

IT Matters

Improving efficiencies here and now with VR and 3D
How one doctor with a passion for engineering aims to improve care

Purchasing Insights

Purchasing insights for cardiac ultrasound
Guidance from the market experts at MD Buyline
Reducing extravasations in CT contrast-enhanced IV injections
Tips and best practices for administering better care
The three technologies that will revolutionize minimally-invasive care
The next generation of MIS techniques will be guided by familiar concepts
Surgery gets a little more futuristic with single-incision robotic procedures
UT Southwestern's Dr. Jeffrey Cadeddu discusses the da Vinci SP surgical system
Mobile imaging market looks back on an energized year
Mobiles and modulars saw an increase in demand in 2018
Innovations sparking quantum leap in remote cardiac monitoring technology
A look at where we've been and where we're heading
Security tightening at hospitals for patient safety
A noticeable change is occurring at the front entrance to hospitals