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The July Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Changes come faster than ever for imaging professionals
Staff used to working normal schedules must now cut hours
From breast exams to childbirth, ultrasound is gaining momentum
More than two dozen states now have dense breast notification laws
Patients have more choices than ever for breast imaging
Considering alternative techniques in addition to mammography

Will breast tomosynthesis completely replace 2-D mammo?
Questions to consider regarding the future of breast cancer screening
Bone Densitometry – A fractured system
Why detecting and preventing bone loss needs additional reimbursement


Future Of...

The future of breast cancer screening is here
Jim Culley on one of our 'most important health challenges' and the new gold standard helping to meet it

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Bruce Slawitsky, senior vice president of human resources, Hospital for Special Surgery
Checking in with one of the largest independent specialty hospitals in NYC

IT Matters

Critical test management gets the attention that it deserves
Dr. David Hirschorn discusses successes at Staten Island University Hospital
Cost Containment Corner: Clinical asset management
C-⁠suites say 'too much technology is idle'
Medical Museum: Breast Pump from 1840
A Reay and Robinson artifact
Diagnostic Directions: Evaluating the impact of ShearWave Elastography
What does SWE add to the radiologist's diagnostic toolkit?
Technology Advisor – The ‘retailization’ of care
Health care data are more unstructured than in other industries
Shows and Events – FIME under new management
FIME set to welcome attendees in Miami Beach
Five steps to focus your team on preventing HAIs
Total social cost estimated in the hundred billions annually
This Month in Medical History – Harvard’s reason to smile
Ivy League institution produces notable graduates
Q&A with Mary Beth Lang, Chair of the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management
Reacting to the speed of change has been a challenge for AHRMM members
Q&A with Ernie Cerdena, President of AHRA
AHRA members deal with regulatory changes
AHRA Preview 2016
More than 1,000 imaging leaders and 200 exhibitors are bound for Nashville — here's what to expect
AHRA New Product Showcase
A few of the products you can expect to see at the show