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    The March Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    Three essential questions when considering a new proton therapy center
    There is an unmet need for facilities, opening one requires careful planning

    Cardiologists sharpen their focus on preventing heart disease
    Checking in with the rapid evolution of stent technology
    OEMs roll out new offerings for special procedures
    Numerous developments in the cath/⁠angio market

    Columns & Sections

    The right technology helps health care providers to weather uncertainty

    Cost Containment Corner
    With Trump and the GOP in charge of health care, Shawn Yates describes how changes might be implemented

    Q&A with Dr. Richard Chazal, President of ACC

    Exclusive Q&A
    Checking in on the state of cardiology, where we've been and where we're going

    Q&A with Todd Ketch, CEO of the National Association for Proton Therapy

    Exclusive Q&A
    With two and a half years under his belt, he provided us with an update on how things are doing for the association

    Future of proton therapy: Technology, demand drive growth

    Future of Healthcare
    Len Arzt, founder of the NAPT, describes the treatments journey and where it's going

    Cath/Angio Product Showcase

    Product Showcase
    March's cath/angio featured products

    Contrast Injector Product Showcase

    Product Showcase
    March's contract injector products

    Technology Advisor – Trends shaping medical devices

    Technology Advisor
    Global advancements change the health care paradigm

    Cath/angio vendors offering three distinct groups of solutions

    Price ranges reflect budgetary realities

    Best Practices: Medical technology innovation must be at the heart of everything we do

    A call for renewed entrepreneurship and funding for cardiovascular innovation

    Proton therapy represents a niche, but growing, market

    Adoption acceleration seen in the last two years

    Pencil beam scanning: The proton therapy innovation of the future

    Improving upon the precision that already distinguishes proton beam

    Medical Museum: Sphygmograph

    March's medical museum artifact

    Four ways artificial intelligence is revolutionizing health care

    Because leveraging big data takes more than brainpower

    Congestive heart failure care management: Patient notes offer key data

    Simon Beaulah, Linguamatics’ senior director of healthcare, on how natural language processing can improve care

    Cardiology, MACRA and structured reporting

    Understanding the frequency of coding errors and what can be gained