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The November Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

From the frontlines to the frontier: CT trends and innovations
Workflow is getting smarter and machine learning is changing everything
Rad rooms get more complex while detectors lighten up
A look around the industry at the latest radiology tools entering the market
AI to patient-centricity: Experts discuss top imaging trends
As silos come down, what challenges emerge for radiologists?


Cost Containment Corner

Innovation on a clean slate – Sidra Medicine’s story
Dr. Avez Rizvi shares lessons he has learned about implementing best practices and fresh ideas

Exclusive Q&A

Q&A with Patrick Flaherty, vice president of operations for BioTronics at UPMC
HTM insights on the ways equipment maintenance and purchasing are changing and how that impacts the biomedical team’s role

Exclusive Q&A

Q&A with RSNA president Dr. Vijay Rao
Discussing the state of radiology today and what to expect at this year's RSNA meeting

Future Of...

DR to meet DNA: The future of X-ray
Digital X-ray will soon capture motion and provide a vast array of new insights to diagnostic imaging

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Guy Medaglia, president and CEO of Saint Anthony Hospital
Find out what it took to get the facility designated as an official children’s hospital, and why it will make all the difference for the community.

IT Matters

Bringing a ‘hive mind’ approach to AI in radiology
How Stanford Medical University and Unanimous AI are partnering to bring the human element to AI
How will radiologists access AI?
Integrating machine learning into existing business structure and radiologist workflow
Driving premium platform valuations for future growth
The radiology M&A market is red hot, help investors see the value in your business
RSNA Product Showcase
Here are just a few of the systems and solutions you'll want to check out at radiology's biggest event
RSNA Booth Previews
Here are some of the companies you don't want to miss on the exhibit floor at McCormick Place
Beyond detection: How DBT utilization rates impact facility benchmarks
New evidence suggests 3D mammo could be as beneficial to providers as it is to patients
How hassle maps can improve radiology department operations
Tips for finding and addressing friction points and improving overall patient care in radiology
Five hot topics when managing lung screening program data
These insights will help you avoid mistakes and get your program right the first time
MARS imaging and the arrival of 3D color X-rays
Phil Butler, CEO of MARS Bioimaging, and his team have created stunning 3D color X-ray images of human anatomy
Medical Museum: Formaldehyde Generator
Another visit to Dr. Blaufox’s Museum of Historical Medical Artifacts
The imaging implant conundrum: scanning safely and efficiently
The number of people with implanted medical devices is skyrocketing
Making the 'virtual biopsy' a reality with MR spectroscopy
New techniques have big potential for MR imaging
Tips for navigating the digital radiography market
Insights from the experts at MD Buyline