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The May Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Q&A with AAMI president Mary Logan
A recap of the latest news from AAMI.
Clinical engineering in an age of reform
What some top biomeds have to say about how times are changing in the industry.
Special report: Infusion pumps
Infusion pump integration with EHR provides healthier returns.

Biomed test equipment becomes portable, less pricey
New challenges are revolutionizing biomed test equipment.
AED manufacturers get regulatory jolt
It may it soon be harder and costlier to bring devices to market.
Reinventing patient monitors
Are smartphones the future of patient monitors?


Future Of...

Dr. Vipul Patel on the future of robotic surgery
Dr. Patel brings his substantial experience into the discussion.

This Month in Medical History

Where there's smoke, there's cancer
This month in medical history: May 27, 1950.
Halse Electrostatic Machine
This month's medical museum curiosity
Hospitals take aim at enterprise information management
Our monthly IT Matters column explores the unstructured data glut.
Monitoring your patient monitor costs
7 tips from the experts.
How to choose and maintain an AED
4 tips from the experts.
Health care's high tech evolution
Letter from the editor for May 2013.
The good old days (for radiologists)
Letter from the online editor May 2013.
May's New Product Showcase
This month's roundup of the latest industry products.