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The December Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Deinstallation: It always looks easier on paper!
A checklist never hurts when planning and executing a major project
Going mobile: A new wave of transport logistics management
Providers search for a balance between improving efficiency and not compromising patient care

ICU – Clinical decision support and telemedicine may save money
Patients generate 100 data points per hour
Best of 2016: thought leaders honored by health care associations
A few of the individuals who earned high praise this year
Research charities thoroughly before making your donations
Even in the spirit of giving, there is no substitute for due diligence


Cost Containment Corner

Will the Trump card be played against Obamacare?
The president-⁠elect's rhetoric causes uncertainty

Future Of...

The future of health care: the intersection of lowering cost and improving quality
Satrajit Misra, VP of marketing and strategic development at Toshiba America Medical Systems, on how diagnostic imaging can help hospitals succeed

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Dr. Norman Chenven, Founding CEO of Austin Regional Clinic
Assessing the state of health care and spotlighting the success of his institution

IT Matters

IT Matters: IT budgeting for the new year
How to navigate the hurdles of upgrades while keeping everything running smoothly

This Month in Medical History

This Month in Medical History: heart of the matter
How Dr. William DeVries and Dr. Barney Clark made history
Health care facilities must be prepared to weather hurricanes and storms
Know what to do before and after a critical event to minimize losses
Infection control corner: five trends in fighting infections
The arsenal for fighting HAIs has grown increasingly sophisticated
Technology advisor: leveraging big data in the health care sector
Inroads on the path to personalized and efficient care
CMS reimbursement: MACRA’s impact in 2017
Weigh your options carefully to maximize your reimbursement
Should a hospital ED open an urgent care center?
Cost is a major hurdle but affordable solutions are emerging
Capital deployment: the 6 main pillars that drive valuation in health care
Building a company that can stand on its own legs
Medical Museum – Leech Jar
This month's historical medical artifact
Rural and urban hospitals evolve with the shift from volume to value
A common pursuit yields very different challenges
ED communications: three ways to make seconds count
Dr. Andrew Mellin, chief medical officer at Spok, on ways to save previous time in the department where it matters most