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The September Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Looking toward a future with flash therapy
Researchers discuss what the cutting edge technique could mean for the future of cancer care
AI comes to the CT market
Surveying the latest hardware and software enhancing the capabilities of CT providers
What's new in radiation and proton therapy
A look around the industry at the latest technology entering the market


Cost Containment Corner

Cost-effective solutions for healthcare IT deficiencies
Managing data is as fundamental to healthcare today as managing patients

Exclusive Q&A

Q&A with ASTRO president, Dr. Theodore DeWeese
Raising the profile of radiation oncology

Exclusive Q&A

Discussing the value of ultrahigh-resolution CT scanning
Q&A with John Boone, professor of radiology and biomedical engineering, and chief of medical physics at UC Davis

Exclusive Q&A

Discussing the value of MR-guided radiotherapy
Q&A with Dr. Parag Parikh, director of MR-guided radiation therapy and director of GI radiation oncology at Henry Ford Cancer Institute

IT Matters

EHRs, digital imaging and the slow evolution of interoperability
Dr. Chris Roth addresses hurdles and what is needed to overcome them
CT dose: How much is just enough?
Finding the balance between quality diagnostic imaging and radiation exposure
Spectral CT — Value, use cases and implementation
Insights from Houston Methodists' Dr. Nakul Gupta on 'dual energy' imaging
Addressing gender disparities in the field of radiation oncology
Salary and career opportunity gaps exist between men and women
ASTRO Product Showcase
Some of the products and services you won't want to miss on the exhibit floor