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Some Wayne State pediatricians can continue at Detroit Medical Center Children's Hospital: report

by Thomas Dworetzky, Contributing Reporter | May 08, 2020
Business Affairs

And WSUM Pediatrics chair, Dr. Herman Gray, noted that a total ban of faculty at Children's Hospital could lead to patients missing out on specialty care unavailable from members of the University Pediatricians group.

The conflict has been brewing since April 2019, when WSUM formed its group. In October, 2019, 110 pediatricians on the faculty were given the choice of joining the new group or being fired. Those choosing to stay with University Pediatricians lost their WSUM faculty appointments, according to the Detroit News.

"We very much regret the necessity of taking this measure, but we are afraid we have no option, due to the failure of University Pediatricians, PC to fulfill its financial obligation on your behalf," stated a letter at the time, signed by Gray, according to Detroit News.

As for the most recent turn of events, University Pediatricians rebutted the WSU claims, calling the idea that its faculty has been banned "blatantly false."

"A very small number of disgruntled pediatricians have decided to terminate their relationship with University Pediatricians and forgo the benefits of our longstanding relationship with DMC Children's Hospital," stated the group on Wednesday.

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