Q&A with RSNA president Dr. James Borgstede

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Q&A with RSNA president Dr. James Borgstede

by Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | November 29, 2020
Business Affairs X-Ray
From the November 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

HCBN: Who should consider joining the association and why?
JB: I think all radiologists in training and in practice, whether academic, institutional or private practice, should join the RSNA. That would include radiation oncologists and interventional radiologists. So should medical students who are interested in radiology, physicists, technologists and allied professionals. There’s something for everyone. It’s diverse and world-wide and we welcome everyone who’s interested in imaging and image-guided therapies to be a member. They should want to join because it is the organization that unifies our profession and shapes the future of our specialty. They should join because of the great education, science, research, research funding through the Research and Education Foundation and the vendor relationships that the RSNA has.

The benefits of joining include free registration to the annual meeting. But there are also the subscriptions to our five outstanding journals, CME and grant opportunities, practice tools, and the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and participate in the cutting-edge future of an amazing specialty.

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HCBN: What initiatives are you backing as president?
JB: My year as president is almost over, it will end after the annual meeting in December. When I started my presidential year in December of 2019, I really envisioned a year that was focused on strong, quality patient care, patient interaction and the opportunities of RSNA as an organization, to impact radiology care across the world through multi-organizational unity. That is what I envisioned then. Then came our worldwide pandemic. My goals throughout the year really haven’t changed, but the expression of those goals and their focus and direction certainly did.

Radiologic patient care became COVID-focused. Radiologists worldwide have faced a lot of challenges. How do we interact with patients and colleagues? Sometimes remotely, but we still want to provide the high-quality care patients require and expect. I think we’ve seen that all our organizational unity and partnerships are now more important than ever. So if I reflect back on what my goals were then, they’re the same, it’s just how they’re going to be expressed is a little different, but I’m really pleased with our collaboration and how we’ve fought this virus.

HCBN: What challenges are members facing beyond the pandemic-induced struggles?
JB: There are practice challenges. That includes who owns the practice. Is it an equity firm? Is it a large multispecialty clinic? And what role does the individual radiologist or medical physicist have in practice leadership so that you can direct your own future?

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