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The 10 biggest merger and acquisition stories of 2020

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | December 30, 2020
Business Affairs
As the world grappled with COVID-19 throughout 2020, healthcare dealmaking continued.

In October, Kaufman Hall researchers reported the average size of seller by annual revenue was at historically high levels, at just under $400 million in Q3. Rather than hampering mergers and acquisitions, that report suggested the pandemic may have been a catalyst for them.

Here we take a look back, chronologically, at some of the biggest merger and acquisition headlines of the year, based on our news readership.

MXR Imaging acquires Oxford Instruments Healthcare for $15 million

One of the first major acquisitions of the year involved independent service companies. In February, MXR Imaging announced it had acquired Oxford Instruments Healthcare from Oxford Instruments for $15 million, expanding its MR and CT footprint,

"The additional resources and expertise that Oxford brings to our team will only enhance the customer experience with MXR Imaging and our portfolio of companies," Ted Sloan, president of MXR Imaging, and Jeff Root, MXR Imaging executive vice president, told HCB News.

In addition to MR and CT capabilities, the Florida-based company also provides MXR Imaging with mobile fleet rentals, coil repair, and refrigeration services. Oxford also runs additional operations in Vacaville, California and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Formerly known as Merry X-ray, MXR Imaging has completed a number of acquisitions over the last few years. Its 2017 acquisition of Consensys Imaging, for instance, expanded its reach in the CT and MR markets, and provides its customers with access to new assets, including X-ray equipment distribution and sales of refurbished equipment.

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