Physicians speak: Use the lessons of this crisis to re-engineer healthcare

February 08, 2021
Business Affairs

9. Look at redesigning medical facilities. The anti-infection and safety precautions put in place during the pandemic will likely become permanent procedures in medical practice. Many employees who started working remotely may stay remote, and the use of telehealth and more in-home care will force us to rethink more strategically about what kinds of brick-and-mortar facilities are actually needed, and how they should be designed.

10. Finally, accountable medical leaders must be involved in designing the healthcare system of the future. Physicians, administrators and other providers who believe that they should be good stewards of every healthcare dollar and who have experience in value-based care have a wealth of knowledge to share. In re-designing the healthcare system of the future, they must have a seat at the table.

About the author: Dr. Margaret Ferguson is a board member for the Council of Accountable Physician Practices, and president and executive medical director for Colorado Permanente Medical Group.

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