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Q&A with ECR President, Michael Fuchsjäger

by Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | March 03, 2021
Business Affairs European News

As mentioned before, in addition to the annual ECR, our databases, quality initiatives and e-learning offers, we also run the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research, which is dedicated to coordinating research projects, supporting researchers in the application for grants and supporting the development of biomedical imaging technologies. You see, there are vast advantages to be gained from becoming a member the ESR.

HCB News: Other than the challenges brought on by the pandemic, what other challenges does the ESR face and how are they being addressed?
MF: At present, we are so focused on dealing with the situation of COVID, which is challenging to look beyond. I can, however, say that, due to this unique challenge, imaging technologies have become very appealing in the public eye. Our role is developing and adapting alongside advancements in technology. Radiological diagnostics are being asked to do much more than they were 20 or even 10 years ago, and other specialties like cardiology or angiology call on us, because they want to be part of it. In order to embrace this opportunity, we are in constant communication with other medical societies and regularly take part in interdisciplinary meetings. Our role is more managerial and not just that of interpreters of images. In the near future, we plan to enlarge this strategy towards integrative diagnostics, together with pathology, lab medicine etc.

HCB News: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s congress?
MF: For me this is my dream come true, something I have been working on and striving for over a long time. Very dear to me are certain specific courses and some special programme features such as the “meets” country sessions. This year, we will feature the Arabian Peninsula, Armenia, India and my home country, Austria as “meets” regions. These are very colorful sessions that give attendees a better understanding of how radiology is being practiced in those countries.

As mentioned above, I aim to put a focus on the wellbeing of radiologists and radiographers. Therefore, there will a series of sessions called Healthcare Professionals in Focus, which will focus on this topic; another series will focus on breast imaging, my subspecialty. For a better understanding of what we do, we will have a course on MRI technique and MRI safety, interpretation quizzes and other formats, such as a Pop-Up World Tour with events from around the world hosted by experts in a variety of cities.

In order to reach all interested people around the globe we start early for our Asian colleagues (7:30 CET) and end late for people in the USA and South America (9:30 CET) who want to indulge into our fantastic programme.

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