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Swissray International's radiography business acquired by Swissray Customer Care

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | July 18, 2022
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Swissray Customer Care is acquiring Swissray International's radiography business and rebranding itself as Swissray.
Swissray Customer Care has acquired the radiographic division of Swissray International and will be rebranding itself as Swissray.

Swissray International will exit the digital radiography market following the sale. The division includes all customer contracts, system parts, and system assets from the company.

The deal makes Swissray the sole interface for digital radiography customers, and it will perform all equipment upgrades and provide maintenance and support for devices being used.

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“The change was driven by our customers. We recognized the obstacles they faced with different business silos that weren’t always on the same page. This is a positive move that will create a single point of contact for all radiographic customer needs. We’ve now become the OEM representative, which is our strength and our focus,” said Ed Pol, chief executive officer for Swissray, in a statement.

Swissray International manages sales, marketing and customer service in North America for S.S. Healthcare Holding. It will retain its Repair Training Center, as well as its bone health division, Norland, which is located in Wisconsin and manages research and development, and production of bone densitometry and body composition assessments.

Swissray is headquartered in Southwest Florida. It is the designer of the ddRAura digital X-ray scanner series, which includes the ddRAura OTC RT; ddRAura U; ddRAura OTC-APS; ddRAura FMTS; ddRAura S; and ddRAura DRivekit.

The ddRAura OTC RT came out in June 2021 and performs low-dose, high-quality scans in challenging clinical settings. It offers automated positioning and a tube-mounted touchscreen console with an intuitive user interface.

Financial details for the sale were not disclosed.

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