Pipe bomb found on patient at California hospital

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | August 24, 2022
A patient arrived at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center in California with a pipe bomb on him. (Photo courtesy of Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center)
Police were called to a California hospital after security discovered a pipe bomb on a patient admitted to the emergency room.

The call was made from Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center on the night of August 15 after a security K-9 alerted hospital guards to the explosive at about 9 p.m. The patient, who was brought in by ambulance from West Covina, had a capped PVC pipe with a fuse, according to The Sacramento Bee.

While the facility was not evacuated, the main entrance to the ER was closed, with ambulances diverted to other hospitals for about an hour. Pomona police set up a perimeter at the hospital before contacting the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department bomb squad. They also shut down North Orange Grove Avenue, where the hospital is located, between Artesia Street and Tate Avenue.

The bomb squad “rendered the device safe,” but did not explain the type of danger it posed. Investigators believe the patient only had the device on him and was not looking to attack the hospital or had any intended target. They did not release his identity or explain why he had the pipe bomb, reported KTLA.

The discovery of weapons at hospitals has become even more serious with the rising number of attacks against medical staff and facilities. Scripps Health in San Diego reported in January 2022 seeing a 17% increase in verbal and physical acts of violence from patients over the past few months.

A man in Florida was arrested in July after filming himself shooting four bullets into the fourth-floor glass windows of Broward Health Coral Springs hospital. He also traveled around the county, filming himself shooting at other buildings and posting the videos on social media.

A mass shooter was convicted in June for first-degree premeditated and attempted murder for killing an employee at a Minnesota health clinic in 2021 and injuring four others. He also detonated two homemade bombs.

A jury found him guilty of all 11 counts against him, and he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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