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Fixed DR market grew 15% in 2021, fluoroscopy grew 18% year-on-year

August 23, 2022
Business Affairs X-Ray

Fluoroscopy also returned to growth, but demand is expected to become more specialised
Demand for fluoroscopy also returned to growth in 2021, with 18% year-on-year revenue growth to $509 million reported, up from $431 million in 2020. However, fewer fluoroscopic procedures are now being performed, with other modalities like CT and MR taking precedence for procedures traditionally conducted on fluoroscopy systems. Upper GI and barium swallow procedures remain the main procedures maintaining clinical demand for fluoroscopy, and will remain essential for the long-term health of this modality.

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With fewer fluoroscopic exams being performed and increased focus on return of investment in purchasing decisions, multipurpose systems are now even more desirable, especially in North America and Western Europe.

Fluoroscopy revenues will surpass 2019 pre-COVID levels next year, but growth will be limited after this, as other imaging modalities continue to challenge fluoroscopy. The fluoroscopy market is set to reach $614 million by 2026.

Key trends by region
North America
• The U.S. continues to be one of the few countries still favouring classical fluoroscopy systems, due to historical training practices, concerns of patient movement threatening image quality and potential litigation. Demand is expected to gradually transition to remote systems, as new generations of radiographers are trained on remote systems; classical is, however, still expected to be dominant in the next five years.
• In the general radiography market, demand for high-end features is increasing, with tools to aid workflow becoming highly desirable for many imaging centres and hospitals.

Latin America
• The Latin America market continues to be highly cost sensitive, with options like computed radiography, retrofit and analogue systems remaining popular. For many end users, there is a desire to digitalise, but currently, the price point remains prohibitive. For the digital solutions that are sold, low-end systems with a lower price point are by far the preferred option — over 50% of fixed and mobile solutions revenue came from the low-end in 2021.

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