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IBA, ScandiDos collaborate on quality and safety assurance in radiotherapy

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | September 06, 2022
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IBA and ScandiDos are creating a quality and safety assurance solution for radiotherapy.
IBA has partnered with ScandiDos, a manufacturer of quality assurance software for radiotherapy, to develop, market and distribute solutions for patient quality assurance.

The two are combining their portfolios to create an extensive suite of products that facilitate all aspects of quality assurance for radiotherapy, and enhance safety profiles for cancer patients.

"IBA has developed a unique combined Monte Carlo secondary dose verification and log file analysis solution that will be released before ASTRO 2022. Combining this with different IBA detectors (like myQA SRS) and Delta4 (ScandiDos' main product) will become the best Patient QA verification solution in the market," Jean-Marc Bothy, president of IBA Dosimetry, told HCB News.

ScandiDos possesses high expertise in patient QA 3D detectors and 3D dose reconstruction software. While these solutions can be developed in-house by IBA, the collaboration will accelerate their "time to market," says Bothy.

As per the agreement, IBA has purchased all 4,150,000 shares made by ScandiDos for SEK 3, which equates to an 8% premium on the average of the company’s last 12 month’s trading on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. This will give IBA a 9.1% stake in ScandiDos’ share capital following the completion of the transaction.

The two previously entered into a nonexclusive agreement back in 2014 that allowed IBA to become a distributor in the U.S. and Canada of ScandiDos' patient treatment validation system Delta4, a suite of products for assessing quality assurance during planning, pretreatment and treatment.

Under that deal, radiation therapy clinics could select from a range of high-quality patient treatment validation solutions through a single source, including calculation software and phantoms.

Partnering with IBA this time around extends ScandiDos’ reach to more customers worldwide and is expected to enhance the safety measures it incorporates into its products for radiation treatment, according to Gustaf Piehl, CEO of ScandiDos.

“This strategic collaboration will also allow ScandiDos to maintain its independence to further develop the business while leveraging on IBA’s strong organizational capabilities,” he said in a statement.

Both companies will disclose more specific details about the collaboration over the next few months.

IBA recently signed another agreement with Chinese medical isotope manufacturer Chengdu New Radiomedicine Technology to install a Cyclone IKON cyclotron system in China. The solution will be used to produce novel isotopes for use in theranostics and targeted therapies, particularly for Germanium-68, Iodine-123 and other radioisotopes such as Copper-64.

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