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Samsung splitting ultrasound business into two separate divisions

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | October 12, 2022
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Samsung is creating a separate ultrasound business unit focused on women's health. (Photo courtesy of Samsung)
Samsung is increasing its investment in its North American ultrasound business and splitting the sector into two separate entities, one focused on general radiology and the other specifically on women’s health.

The women’s health ultrasound business will be led by Tracy Bury and focus on maternal-fetal medicine, assisted reproductive medicine and obstetrics and gynecology markets.

Senior director Dan Monaghan will continue to oversee the company’s general imaging, point-of-care and veterinary ultrasound businesses.

The company also plans to invest in new products equipped with Samsung technology for order processing system improvements; to expand services such as remote automation; and to expand its market coverage to serve more integrated delivery networks.

David Legg, head of Boston Imaging, the healthcare subsidiary and U.S. headquarters for Samsung’s digital radiography and ultrasound business, says that segmenting the ultrasound business will accelerate adoption of the imaging modality and offer providers a better understanding of specific patient populations and clinical markets.

“Adding leadership talent with a depth of market knowledge and experience in key segments is necessary to accomplish this,” he said in a statement.

The company will incorporate its image quality, ergonomics and AI-assisted software into the design of lifelong solutions produced by the women’s health ultrasound unit. The aim of the business and other investments is to facilitate easier access for the patients to the imaging technology.

Bury brings over 25 years of experience to Samsung, having previously led the U.S. Women’s Health business at GE Healthcare and global ultrasound teams at Siemens Healthineers.

"I'm excited to be a part of the Samsung vision of segmenting the ultrasound business, enabling us to provide dedicated people, products and processes to address the specific needs of Women's Health patients and clinicians," she said.

Boston Imaging introduced, in September, a new ultrasound system, the V7, which is equipped with Crystal Architecture for enhanced image clarity and penetration and utilizes beamforming (CrystalBeam), sophisticated image processing (CrystalLive) and advanced S-Vue Single Crystal Transducers to produce high-resolution images.

It also includes intelligent assist features for assessing follicles; analyzing cardiovascular disease risks; performing quantitative noninvasive assessment of tissue stiffness; and assessing uterine-related abnormalities and cervical canal stiffness.

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